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Office of International Trade: Pennsylvania

Office Information:

Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development
Office of International Business Development
Center for Trade Development
400 North St., 4th Floor
Harrisburg, PA    17120-0225


Ms.  Janet Kolokithas
(717) 346-0178
(717) 772-5106

Authorized Representative:

Ms.  Janet Kolokithas
(717) 346-0178
(717) 772-5106

Federal Funding: $2,357,098


The Global Access Program (GAP) will use STEP funds as a catalyst positively affecting many of our other programs. GAP has spurred more companies to travel to foreign markets, purchase Gold Key services, and obtain certifications for international selling among others.  Pennsylvania will also organize 18 delegations for trade missions and trade shows. The calendar includes several industry-specific initiatives in support of targeted industry clusters focused on medical, energy, and agriculture, projecting $2.7 million in new export sales from 114 Pennsylvania firms. The International Business Summit & Pennsylvania International Week (PIW) has been scheduled successfully through the STEP initiative. It expects 400 companies to yield $1.1 million in new export sales.