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Automated Design Corporation



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Automated Design Corporation

Lisa Bitsky: My husband and I started Automated Design, twenty-six years ago with the help of a score advisor. He helped us with our business plan, finance needs, and advice on how to hire employees.

Tom Sr: We design and build automation for the sports industry. Most of what we build these days is sent overseas.

Joe Bitsky: Because we get to export to China or to Korea or to Taiwan we are able to keep American's working. We use American steal. We use American labor to build our machines and all of our intellectual property is created by working Americans.

Lisa Bitsky: We're a small business which makes us a risk for banks and that's where the SBA came in to help us.

Mary Ma: In Step program is a new program launched as supported by the SBA in the State Export Promotion Program.

Joe Bitsky: The SBA made it possible for our company to go to Asia, specifically China to see our customers on a non-project based trip.

Brad Easter: We're there from the beginning with a startup for your business plan or you're looking for financing, or you're looking to expand, maybe you're gonna hire employees and you gotta worry about HR concerns. We're there to help you with all of those things and the things we can't help you with we have resources to refer you to so.

Tom Bitsky: Loans from the SBA helped us to develop several new products and software items that carried us through the recession and now have become some of our principal products we sell. Joe Bitsky: We are very proud that we are able to ship our goods to China being such a small business here. And without the help of organizations like the SBA our small company would not be able to as effective international.