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Laura: Cupcakes are, especially in this economy they’re an affordable luxury. They’re small but delicious.

Speaker 2: I like cupcakes because they’re a great dessert and they’re the right portion.

Laura: It’s delicious and decadent but it’s not too much. A lot of our customers come in and they say that they really like that our cupcakes aren’t enormous. They can eat one without feeling guilty and really enjoy it and savor it. Before we had the SBA funding we didn’t have a retail location of our own. So, all of our orders were direct orders either by the phone or they find us through our website or word of mouth. A person had to really like our product to be able to go through all the hoops just to get to us. Having the funding and opening the store, it’s very simple. Where are you? We are here. Now we’ve actually created a space in the community where people can come and sit down and have a meeting or enjoy coffee and dessert and the SBA, especially the Wisconsin Women’s Business Initiative Corporation was extremely helpful. I’m not sure we could have done it without their support. We’ve had tremendous growth just in our first six months. When we wrote the business plan and got the funding we had one employee. We started; opened the shop with eight and within six months we had 16 employees and we’re still hiring and we still cannot keep up with the volume which is wonderful. I love what I do because of the smiles that it brings to the faces of the customers and then the creative expression of making the cupcakes (coming up with the new recipes and new ideas, testing them out). 

Speaker 2: I think they just make people happy and I guess there are other things that make people happy too but they’re that little fun treat that can brighten up your day.

Laura: Cupcakes are FUN!