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Dogs Love Running!



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Dogs Love Running!

John: He shoots. He scores! No? You're shaking your head. You don't like that one?

I'm John Reh. I'm the founder of the Dogs Love Running pet care service and the Dogs Love Running pet care franchise. We're based right outside of Chicago in Lisle, Illinois and the SBA program that we used was SCORE counseling. Even though my wife and I came from corporate backgrounds and MBAs from well-respected schools we were still looking for additional input when we were starting this business.

One of the biggest things at the beginning that we were looking for from the SCORE members was to help us with operations and with SCORE's help we put a lot of things in place that helped us figure out how we would scale this to a much larger size. I told them that I wanted to have a $5 million pet sitting and dog walking business and they laughed. They pretty much just laughed. That was a little bit unexpected but it got me thinking on a trajectory that maybe the plan I had in place wasn't the way to get us to what I wanted to get out of this.

As a franchisor we can actually help other people in a situation where they want to grow and expand in their local towns and we can show them what we do and they can start their own businesses off of the small business that we started. The SBA has helped us and we in turn get to help other people. So, it's kind of a nice little circle of friends.

The SBA was enormously helpful in getting us going and figuring out an operations plan and really filling in a lot of holes that we hadn't thought about initially. So, in the end, without the SBA's help we wouldn't be doing what we are doing today so we really appreciate it. With the help of the SBA, Dogs Love Running scored big. Yeah, I like that one.