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Dreamweaver Marketing Associates



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Dreamweaver Marketing Associates

Hi, I am Joane Quinn-Smith, also known of the TechnoGranny, host of Positively Pittsburg Live, an Internet radio show out of Pittsburg Pennsylvania, also host the TechnoGranny show, and publisher and editor of which is Pittsburg's first Internet radio and TV network. I will tell you that my story is very unique. After losing my limousine business in the aftermath of Hurricane Ivan I started the marketing company, Dreamweaver Marketing Associates. In 2008, my strategic operating officer now and my friend then, convinced me to apply for the Small Business Administration Awards in the category of Journalist of the Year. Not only did I win regionally but I also won nationally. I cannot tell you how that has helped my business. In consideration of the fact that in 2009 I had quadruple bypass surgery and did not work for nearly a year. In 2010, my business doubled and in 2011 and 2012 it quadrupled. I would encourage anyone who thinks they have the savvy in business to apply for the Small Business Administration awards because it will increase your credibility and I will tell you that it is directly responsible for all the successful I am having right now. Don't forget Joane Quinn-Smith the TechnoGranny. (phone ringing) Oh, by the way, that is the phone, another new client calling. Check it out, Small Business Administration Journalist of the Year Award. (answering the phone) Dreamweaver Marketing Associates, this is the TechnoGranny, Joane Quinn-Smith, we help you to get your Google on, can I help you?