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Elegant Iron, LLC



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Elegant Iron, LLC

How are y'all doing? My name is Amanda Holbert and I'm co-owner of Elegant Iron, LLC located in Tucson, Arizona. We're a metal goods manufacturer, powder coater, and sand blaster. We're primarily a federal contractor. The SBA has helped my small business by funding a little program called The Small Business Development Center. I've taken classes, learned how to do federal contracting, and through one-on-one, free small business counseling they've helped to mentor and help develop my business. What is the most the most rewarding thing about being a small business owner? I would say having the flexibility and to do what needs to be done and to be able to create great things. That is by far the most rewarding thing and to be able to provide my family with a living from all of our hard work. Also, how has our business and the SBA benefited the community? I would say that the Small Business Development Center helped us to procure our first federal contract through counseling and I appreciated the counseling that I became a counselor. A business analyst of the Small Business Development Center so now I'm helping other businesses just like you learn how to do federal contracting and certifications is my specialty along with all different aspects of business ownership. That's how we give back to the community. Not only do we procure government contracts, higher people out in the community, and put our dollars back into the community but also I provide free one-on-one counseling as a counselor on the other side of the table for the SBA's funded program The Small Business Development Center and I appreciate that more than I can ever say. Thanks for listening have a great day and God bless you.