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First State Manufacturing Inc.



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First State Manufacturing Inc.

SHER VALENZUELA: Hi, my name is Sher Valenzuela.

ELI VALENZUELA: Hi, my name is Eli Valenzuela.

ASHLEY WOLF: Hi, my name is Ashley Wolf.

SHER VALENZUELA: We are owners of First State Manufacturing located in Smalltown, USA in beautiful Milford, Delaware. We are an example of what can happen when good ideas connect with high impact resources like the SBA.

ELI VALENZUELA: I learned (ph) correspondent course when I was in the army before I met and married my wife. When our son was three years old, we learned that he was autistic. That is when I pulled out my trustee sewing machine and started doing small jobs. I worked in my one car garage after my day job to pay for the specialist that my son needed.

SHER VALENZUELA: Today, our son is a first year student at the University of Delaware.

ASHLEY WOLF: We owe so much of our success to the SBA. From the disaster loan we received right after 9-11, it kept our doors open, even up to the support we recently received to purchase our new facility and all points in between, the SBA have been there for us.

ELI VALENZUELA: Today we are in a 17,000 square foot manufacturing facility and we employ nearly 70 people and that is in a real way of adding to the community and the success to many others.

SHER VALENZUELA: And here is some breaking news. Just last week First State Manufacturing entered into a public private partnership with Delaware State University and the City of Milford.

ASHLEY WOLF: Something this big could only be called First State Moves the Nation

SHER VALENZUELA: It will escort other small businesses to great resources like the SBA to ensure and measure their success.

ELI VALENZUELA: I went from a one car garage to a multi-million dollar business. Why would we not want Delaware and America to know?

ASHLEY WOLF: First State Manufacturing and the SBA-

SHER VALENZUELA: Are working together to rebuild America.

ALL: One small business at a time.