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LU-VENUS MAYAS: Hi, I am Lu-Venus Meyas.

TAMMY MAYAS: And I am Tammy Markee Mayas.

BOTH: And we are the founders of Igo Vego.

TAMMY MAYAS: Igo Vego is a multi-phase business venture that is starting out as a food vending cart in Madison, Wisconsin. It is really important to us personally that we choose organic ingredients and that we work with local producers. We conduct our business producing as minimal garbage and waste as possible, compost as much as we can. We utilize all the ingredients that we can. We make sure everything is clean, healthful and sustainable.

LU-VENUS MAYAS: Igo Vego is a multi-phase venture. Phase one of this venture is the food cart, which is designed to gather data and statistics, which would support phase two, which is a cafe market where you can pick up your fresh organic CSAs, eggs, milk and your fresh hot organic food to take home with you to feed your family.

TAMMY MAYAS: If we have the SBA loan to help us out with our rent or help us out with our wages'

LU VENUS MAYAS: Food costs.

TAMMY MAYAS: Food costs, that just gives us more flexibility and more opportunity to grow and bring more people into the mix. We are choosing to run our business this way so we can go to sleep with a clear conscience at night, feel good about what we have done for the day, and feel positive we are doing things the best way we possibly can.