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Interactive Achievement



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Interactive Achievement

Dawn: And the results are worse than previous years. Corey: Only 53% of schools hit or surpassed the expected benchmark.

Joanie: Hi Johny. The record low results in reading, math, and science. The data is down in elementary and middle school but the real question is why?

Jonathan: If my teachers had the ability to know where to help a child immediately, man, we could make a huge difference. What if a company was built that could make something like that possible?

Speaker 4: Little buddy Matt, I need a coder. I need somebody who can write codes. I have a great idea. Are you in?

Speaker 5: Great idea. I'm in. Let me work on it and see what I can come up with.

Speaker 6: Hey guys. This is Jacob. I'm taking a look at the product design. Listen, I think we could sell.

Speaker 7: Hey, it's Mary. This was a great idea for this product but we need to getthe financial help. Let's see what the SBA can do for us. Jonathan: I am Jonathan Hagmaier from Interactive Achievement, Inc., and we are creating possibilities.