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Orland Park,


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Hello, my name is Marvin White from Chicago, Illinois. I am the co-founder of and I have been using the SBA since I was twenty one-years-old. I'm a little bit older now but I love everything that they had to offer. The SBA has been an outstanding amount of help for us, from the business plan to operations to our marketing plan. The SBA has been incredible from meeting the score members, going to the seminars, and webinars. We've been able to save time, money, resources which is very important for a small business. I guess you can call me an SBA junkie. The most rewarding thing about being a small business owner is being able to take your ideas and turn them into a business that helps others and as well helps yourself grow as a person and a business owner. It takes a lot of hard work, tenacity, dedication, and sometimes tears but the rewards of that hard work are great. The SBA is a tremendous benefit locally. I know many small business owners in the area that rely on the expertise of the SBA and its services and programs to help them in many different areas of their operations.

Our company has been able to benefit the community by helping job seekers approach the job market in a more effective way. We help job seekers stand out and get noticed faster by employers during their job search. We offer the most complete and effective video resume portal available today. It really is something, not just a video resume. It really is something. The SBA is a great resource and I would encourage any and all small business owners to become part of the SBA. If you're thinking about becoming a business owner if you want to learn about small business, if you need with your business plan become a part of the SBA and they will get you on track for sure. Thank you very much and have a great day.