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Jakob Marketing Partners



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Jakob Marketing Partners

Male: In 2010, we were named the 48th fastest growing company in Utah. In 2011, we were named the 29th fastest growing company in Utah. At the beginning of 2009, Jakob Marketing had four employees. We now have sixteen. We have also expanded our services tremendously and increased our client base from about twenty to a current number of 286. As you can imagine, things were becoming just a little cramped in our previous office space. As business continued to pour in, we had to hire more employees and quickly ran out of space. Being a small business, we did not have the cash readily available to purchase a new office space. When our SBA 7(a) loan was approved, it truly changed the game for our small business. With our new building, we increased our square footage from 2,000 to 7,500, not only allowing us to hire more employees, work more efficiently and expand our services, but also to create a source of income by having the opportunity to lease out part of the workspace to another company.

Julie: One of the most gratifying aspects about growing this business is the fact that we employ sixteen people. That is up from zero in 2008. With unemployment so rampant across the U.S., it is awesome that this small business can make a difference by putting people back to work, and for the local community hear in Holladay, our employees eat at local restaurants, shop at the pharmacy down the street, and fill up their gas tanks around the corner. We are making a positive impact, in our own small way, on the economy.

Male: With the time, space, and resources now available to us, we are able to do what we love the most; make our clients happy and give back to the local community by donating our time and services.