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Jannet Walsh Photography




Jannet Walsh Photography

Hi, I'm Jeanette Walsh from Murdock, Minnesota. In February of 2012, I started a business called Jeanette Walsh Photography. After multiple job rejections, and two job layoffs, I decided to take control. Early in 2012, I decided to contact the Small Business Administration by going online. I was put in contact with a retired executive from St. Claude, Minnesota, with S.C.O.R.E., one of the partners with the Small Business Administration. I received help on the phone from an experienced professional, someone with years of experience as an executive. We discussed my business, what I had already done, and what this executive thought I needed to do. I actually felt very honored that someone would take time from their retirement to help me. Probably the most rewarding part of starting my own business is starting to see it all come together. From my website to finding help from other professionals, and when I was starting to get comments that people thought my web site looked really great. My business helps drive the economy of other small businesses. For example, I needed large photographs for displays to advertise my company and I tell people, 'Go look at my displays, where they are." So it's driving business all around. It's a circle. By helping myself, I'm actually helping other small businesses or perhaps large businesses.