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Dallas: I am Dallas Robinson...

Mike: I am Mike Buonomo.

Dallas: This is the story about what happened when we got a $50,000 loan from the SBA.

I started out as a scrawny teenager. I tried to learn how to be cool. I learned how to wakeboard, I learned how to ride motor cross, I'd learn pretty much anything to get the attention of the ladies. Finally, it paid off and I got a date. I got nervous. I needed to get rid of my chapped lips. I tried some lip balm, I tried every lip balm. I tried not to gag when I put it on and then I had an idea. I wanted to create a lip balm that actually worked. I wanted one for me. I wanted one for her. I wanted the flavors to mix on contact when we kissed. I went to college, started a company and talked to some chemists. The chemists developed a formula. The formula had high quality SPF. It had a punch of flavor. I wanted to make sure the chemistry was just right so we tested, tested some more, we tested all the time; the formula worked. I got a business partner named Mike. Mike and I called our company Kisstixx. We got help from our school. Students designed the logo. Students designed the packaging. We sold a lot of Kisstixx. We sold to local retailers, they sold out, we needed more money. We went to the Small Business Development Center where we met Ken. Ken helped us put together a business plan. A local bank looked at that plan, we got a $50,000 SBA loan. We bought more inventory. We sold out. We went on the TV show Shark Tank. Mark Cuban invested $200,000 in Kisstixx. We got a meeting with Walgreens. We got a meeting with Wal-Mart. We got a meeting with Target. We took the product Nationwide, now we get inquires from all over the world. Australian wants Kisstixx, Japan wants Kisstixx, the U.K. wants Kisstixx, everyone in the world wants some Kisstixx.  Mike and I are happy. We are helping our local community, we are helping our families, we are helping our lips, we are helping lips everywhere. Whew! All because of that $50,000 SBA loan.