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The Lost Dog Pub

East Dennis,



The Lost Dog Pub

Andy: Hi I’m Andy Murphy. My wife Jane and I own The Lost Dog Pub in east Dennis. We got lucky and started in business here. They had confidence in my wife and I so we started here in 2001 in December and we turned it into The Lost…It was called Hills Wharf Tavern at the time and we turned it into The Lost Dog in March of the following year. I liked the idea of doing something else. I had some really good people and I thought we could expand what we were doing so opening another place was an idea that I had. My third child was crying one night. I put her in the car and we took a ride and I went past that building where The Lost Dog in Orleans is now, the coast, and it was really like, for sale. Then when I went and spoke with Janine about the loan she was pretty confident that she could help me to make something happen.

Tim: Hi. My name is Tim Taylor and I’m the lunch cook here at The Lost Dog.

Andy: Tim and I worked at the Brewster Inn together back in the ‘80s.

Tim: I learned a lesson that it’s important to work for people that are really nice to work for. We had Bring Your Daughter to Work Day and it was a federal day vacation and I could bring her one day of the week. She came and she kind of… she ended up wanting to work here. She’s really into it. She loves it. 

Jessie: Hi. My name is Jessie and I’ve been working at The Lost Dog in Orleans since June and I am a freshman at Nauset High School. I really wanted to start saving up money, not just to spend but to save up for college and possibly a car when I start learning to drive. I definitely think that I could work here during the summer and everything. 

Andy: It’s just another part of that network. Here’s a 14-year-old kid who goes to Nauset and works at The Lost Dog and her friends now will be like, “Hey mom and dad can we go get pizza at The Lost Dog Pub?” you know because they know Jessie. So if you do a good job and those people come, it just multiplies.