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Meathead Movers

San Luis Obispo,


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Meathead Movers

Speaker 1: We are Meathead Movers, California's largest independent moving company, headquartered in San Luis Obispo. We've been able to expand our business, hire more employees, and realize some of our biggest dreams over the past decade; all because of the SBA, specifically, through 7(a) and Express Loans. My brother and Evan and I started Meathead Movers in high school as a way to earn money around our athletic and academic minutes.

Speaker 2: Thanks to SBA financing we were able to develop proprietary software which controls staffing, scheduling, sales, accounting, fleet management and website content; it's the finest in the industry, and allowed us to replace this ratty old thing. This is just one of the ways being a small business allows us to be nimble, adapt quickly to change, and continuously innovate. Speaker 1: The single most rewarding thing about owning a small business is knowing that I'm changing an industry with my brother and my wife right by my side, and knowing that we're going to be exceeding $5 million in revenue this year feels pretty good too.

Speaker 3: Because Meathead Movers has been able to thrive with help from the SBA we've been able to provide thousands of jobs over the year for those in our communities. We focus on giving back to every community that we serve. We pair with local women's shelters to help move victims of domestic violence; this service is so important that we pledge to offer it to any area in which we expand. When we created our sister company, Princess Packers, we knew that we had to incorporate an element of philanthropy into it; so that it would fit with the Meathead way of doing business. We created the Cinderella Fund; for every box packed by our Princess Packers we donate $1 to this fund. The money is then allocated to local non-profits who use it for scholarships for children in need.

Speaker 1: When we started out people said we were crazy for wanting to start our own moving company, but we put our heads down, ignored the critics, and never gave up. We were recently able to refinance through the SBA, which will save us money and allow us to continue to hire. We are so grateful to the SBA for believing in Meathead Movers and for giving us and our over 200 employees the opportunity to achieve the American Dream. Thank you.