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Rustic Crust



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Rustic Crust

Brad Sterl: I have always had a love of real food. It is that love of real food from the time that I was sixteen that I started working in restaurants to the point where I owned several different restaurants, eventually owning a restaurant chain where we perfected the ultimate pizza crust. We used real food, real ingredients, the way we developed our recipes that allowed us to create the Rustic Crust Company that you see today. Rustic Crust, located in a small town in Pittsfield, New Hampshire. In 2005, we partnered with the SBA using one of their Equity funds. These funds were designed to invest in low-income communities and development areas throughout New England. These funds, over $1 million, we were able to take our manufacturing facility where we added equipment, infrastructure, operations, we were able to use these funds to grow our jobs from eight jobs in 2005 to over sixty jobs in 2012. Additionally, we were able to utilize those funds to acquire an additional $3 1/2 million of equity, expand our management team, and also participate in the acquisition of the American Flatbread brand. The exciting part of this as an entrepreneur, we have been able to grow this business thrity fold since 2005. We have been able to add jobs. We have been able to take an idea from its inception. Rustic Crust has become the #1 brand, natural pizza crust in America and we are shipping it across the United States. We have been able to take American Flatbread and build it to the best frozen pizza in America today. We have also been able to take and help a community that needed help, that needed jobs. We've created relationships with local farmers and we have created relationships where we are using local businesses to support our needs. I still love real food and the SBA has been a real partner as we've continued to grow.