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Sabrosa Foods, Inc.



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Sabrosa Foods, Inc.

Duane: As far as I can remember, I've always been an entrepreneur at heart. I've always loved building' My company, Sabrosa Foods, currently utilizes the 8(a) certification. Sabrosa Foods, Inc. is a food manufacturing company. We grow and purchase fresh local produce to make shelf-stable, value-added products. The company's mission is to provide healthy all-natural foods through flavorful alternative gourmet condiments. I have definitely enjoyed building a business and having the assistance from the SBA. I can remember our business development specialist was actually in our 8(a) class before we became 8(a) certified. Here we are sitting beside our business development specialist and we didn't know each other. I didn't even know she was working for the SBA. We got to be good friends. We're talking, and sharing information. When we finally got certified, here I am going to the office in Richmond, Virginia, to the SBA office and there is my business development specialist, who I thought was just another business owner. I'm like amongst friends so it was very good to be able to work with them and to get the help and assistance that we were looking for. The assistance that we received from the SBA has benefitted the local community in several ways. We do a lot of educational programs. We work with colleges, schools. The most rewarding part about starting and growing my company was the ability to establish our mentoring programs for other entrepreneurs and I'm really looking forward to working more with SBA in the future.