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Soil Stabilization Products Company, Inc.




Soil Stabilization Products Company, Inc.

Hello from the city of Merced, home to the new University of California Merced campus. Michelle Obama visited in spring of 2008 delivering the school's first commencement address. When Michelle spoke, Merced was famous as ground zero for the subprime mortgage meltdown having sunk from one of the top ten cities in the US to the very bottom of the list. Soil Stabilization Products Company, Inc., or SSPCo, manufactures game changing sustainable pavement technologies used nationwide. We supply clean, high performance, water-based technologies that save money, energy, and the environment. Fortunately, SBA's HUBZone program initiated a success story for SSPCo that linked us to the stimulus funding programs championed by President Obama.

The Merced school counselor, Pete Fluetsch, convinced us that SBA could open doors for us as SSPCo. The Fresno office helped out and then we were linked to the SBA office in El Paso. SBA's Colleen Burns saw the value of SSPCo and thanks to her expert counseling and hard work, she helped link us to Army contacts at Fort Bliss as well as the Army Corps team at Fort Worth, Texas. Our technologies were specified in three contracts to produce a system of heavy-duty tank trails that linked Texas and New Mexico together. More than 100 miles of heavy-duty tank trails were built, saving millions of dollars and more than one million tons of crushed aggregate base rock for stronger, smoother, and more fuel- efficient loads. Thanks to SBA's help, a large scale prototype project now proves that we can innovate and solve our nation's crumbling infrastructure problems while saving money, energy, and the environment.