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Support Systems Homes, Inc.



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Support Systems Homes, Inc.

Speaker 1: The name of our company is Support Systems Homes, Inc. It's located in Northern California, Bay Area, and the jobs that we provide are for clients that come in that have a drug addiction or alcohol addiction or chemical dependency issues.

Speaker 2: In 2009, we acquired an SBA 7(a) loan and in 2011 we obtained an SBA 504 loan. With the SBA loan and the help that we received from California Bank & Trust we were able to expand not just our residential treatment but also our detoxification program and outpatient sober living. We were able to hire more employees and outreach to the community more. With the help of our SBA loans, we were also able to help the community by going out and speaking to schools and colleges and talking with some of their students and educating them on the facts of what chemical dependency does to themselves as individuals and their families.

Speaker 1: The best rewarding part is when clients graduate from our program a lot of times they will send us thank you cards from their loved ones or from themselves and even come back to our facility and thank our staff and for the service that was provided for them and that is just one of the many rewards that we get out of doing the service that we provide. The greatest feeling was when I received a thank you card with a little note inside of it from the 6-year-old daughter and she had a before picture that she drew and an after. In the before picture, she was crying and her dog was crying and then the after she is smiling and the dog jumped up.There was a big smile on the dog's face and that is just priceless.