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Tejas Premier Building Contractor, Inc.

San Antonio,


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Tejas Premier Building Contractor, Inc.

Julissa: I've been in the construction industry for about 17 years and I had been the vice-president of another general contractor for 8 years. One day I turned 35 and I thought, 'You know, I could do this on my own. '

Speaker 2: Julissa Carielo is president of Tejas Premier Building Contractor Incorporated, a minority women-owned company specializing in commercial construction and renovation.

Julissa: I started the company with two employees and myself and six years later we're here. Now we're 40 employees. I actually enjoy the construction site. I think it's a passion. I mean it's'really to see the buildings that are used for different purposes and then we take over and turn them into something beautiful. When you get the call and you actually are going to get awarded the project from the federal base in any project, it could be Randolph it could be Lackland, it's a big reward because we worked so hard for it and I know my teams. We have the tradition, we ring the bell. We have a bell that we ring and it's a celebration in our office because we actually know we're doing something right.

Speaker 2: The U.S. Small Business Administration has implemented a program to increase federal contracting opportunities for women-owned small businesses and Julissa made it her business to earn certification in the 8-M program.

Julissa: The 8-M certification is something that we've all been looking forward to. I think as a women-owned business we're looking for those extra opportunities.

Patricia: Julissa is a very hard-working young lady and actually she was one of the first ones that we assisted with the women-owned small business self-certification. It was a way of leveling the playing fields for the small business women owners. There has to be at least two women-owned small businesses that would be able to compete for a project in order for the contracting officers to set it aside so at the contracting resource center we do assist them with this program.

Speaker 2: Tejas Premiere was recently awarded to renovate Chapel 1 and Chapel 2 at Randolph Air Force Base. With phase one complete, work is underway to renovate the religious activity center.

Julissa: We are doing a full renovation and we're changing the multi-purpose of that building a little bit so they can better suit the military people that are attending all the time. It's a full renovation and we are changing the inside of the chapel configuration and allowing some extra kitchen, cafeteria, and a little bit of an outside area, and having the Wi-Fi capabilities so people can stay longer instead of just attending mass and leaving.

Patricia: Julissa has a big heart. She is very passionate about her work. She's very passionate about her employees.