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My name is Abe Choe. I’m the CEO of Ulife. We are located in Beaverton, OR.

The SBA program that I utilized was Score PDX. At Score PDX, I registered for the workshop on social media marketing a year and a half ago when I first started Ulife and it has helped me tremendously. The workshop was very educational and I walked away with several new ideas that I wanted to implement in my small business. I learned that I must do something different and unique versus the competition. The workshop taught me how to engage my target audience through social media. So, when I left the workshop thinking to myself, “How will I going to create a company and culture worth talking about?” I wanted Ulife to be special. PDX influenced the culture of Ulife. This is what we did. For every product available via the Ulife website, Ulife donates $2 to a textbook fund prior to the start of each college term. Then a Ulife contest is held. Winners will receive $250 to purchase textbooks. Awesome, right? Another cool thing that we’re doing this year is the touchdown celebration contest. We’re asking fans to submit their best video of excessive celebration – 30 seconds or less. The video with the most likes on a Facebook page will win a pair of Oregon Ducks tickets – Row 9 on the 45 yard line. This is a sample video that my business partners and I made for our touchdown video. As you can see, we like to have fun at Ulife. We get creative. What can I say? The most rewarding thing about starting Ulife has been the journey. My path to even get this far, we’ve had to have the help of so many people. There’s no way we could have done this on our own. My business partners, Dan and Dan, have helped me tremendously. Together, we’ve gotten this far and we feel that Ulife is on the rise. I’d also like to say, “Thank you” to SBA for this time. Please pick us. Go Ducks!