Strategic Sustainability Performance Plan

U.S. Small Business Administration 2016 Strategic Sustainability Performance Plan

The U.S. Small Business Administration's (SBA) Strategic Sustainability Performance Plan offers a blueprint and a framework for the SBA to execute its mission in a manner that preserves the environment and in the process demonstrates a commitment to creating a clean energy economy. In FY 2015 and FY16, the SBA achieved significant progress towards the goals outlined by EO 13693. SBA's Scope 3 emissions are already below the 2025 target, and are on track to be even further reduced, declining an additional 6.4% in FY2015. In addition, the SBA conducted its first ever "Sustainable Facilities Survey" of SBA's 20 largest facilities. In partnership with GSA, this survey collected information on the sustainable features available in each building. The survey results are being used to voluntarily report greenhouse gas emissions, and to target improvements in these facilities, as well as improvements across SBA's real property portfolio.