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Lenders Receive Leadership Update, Awards at SBA Lender Roundtable

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Lenders from across Southern California participated in the Santa Ana District Office’s Lender Roundtable, held at the Fullerton Marriott from 8am to 10am on February 19th, 2013. The keynote presentation was delivered by Jeanne Hulit, who serves as the Associate Administrator of the Office of Capital Access at SBA. Her responsibilities include the agency’s loan, microloan program and investment programs, credit risk management, secondary market activity and managing financial operations centers. Jeanne is also responsible for advising the SBA Administrator and overseeing, within the Office of Capital Access, the agency’s reforms to make it more responsive to both borrowers and lenders. Jeanne’s remarks were titled “Celebrating Success” and much of that speech centered around the SBA lending community stepping up to fill the gap in small business lending created by the 2008 collapse of the financial sector as well as the streamlining and improvement of SBA loan guaranty programs. Later in the event, awards were given to a variety of SBA lending partners as follows: • Top 7(a) Lender of the Year – JPMorgan Chase (171 loans for $15.6 million) • Top 504 Lender of the Year – CDC Small Business Finance (176 loans for $139 million) • District 7(a) Lender of the Year – Capital Bank • District 504 Third Party Lender of the Year – Pacific Enterprise Bank • District 504 Lender of the Year – Southland EDC • District Director Award – Joan Earhart, Pacific Mercantile Bank Top 7(a) and Top 504 Lender awards each went to the highest producing SBA lender in each of those categories. District 7(a), District 504 Third Party, and District 504 awards were bestowed to the top producing lender headquartered in the Santa Ana District for each program. The District Director’s Award was given to Joan Earhart in recognition of her effort to help SBA improve the CAPLine loan program. Currently SBA lending in the Santa Ana District is up 32% year over year in dollar amount versus the rest of the country which is up 17%. The Santa Ana District is also up 20% in number of loans compared to 6% nationwide. As mentioned by Associate Administrator Hulit in her remarks, this ranks the Santa Ana District Office in 4th place in dollar amount and 3rd place in number of loans across 68 district offices nationwide. The Santa Ana District Office hosts Lender Roundtables throughout the year and invites nationally recognized speakers in the subject area of SBA lending. For more information about the Lender Roundtables, please contact Stephen Leung, Lender Relations Specialist at (714) 560-7450 or email stephen.leung@sba.gov.

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