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Local Technology Business Leader Named 2016 SBA Washington Small Business Advocate of the Year

Cofounder of Meylah Takes Top Honors, Celebration Recognizing Winners May 4th at Museum of Flight, Boeing Field
Release Date: 
Monday, May 2, 2016
Release Number: 
SDOPR 16-13
Matthew Williams, 206-553-7315

BELLEVUE - The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) 2016 Small Business Advocate of the Year winner is Chaitra Vedullapalli, cofounder of Meylah, an ecommerce marketplace hosting platform.

“Chaitra is the epitome of a small business advocate,” said District Director Nancy Porzio. “Her passion for supporting small businesses and helping them get digitally competitive is amazing.  ”

She has been recognized as a top 100 small business influencer and holds a patent in web methods. She has contributed to TED Talks,  presented at numerous events, and  published a book about partnering in business.    

“Digital transformation of small businesses is my passion,” Vedullapalli said. “Helping businesses with digital transformation allows them to compete in the digital economy and fosters job creation in the 21st century.”

In addition to her professional work, Vedullapalli has collaborated with more than 50 organizations and more than 250 people to launch the Ignite Washington initiative, a city by city digital equity and readiness initiative for small businesses. The mission is to help small businesses and startups to increase their digital equity so they have access to local and global customers using digital tools.  

Vedullapalli said her goal is to infuse $100 million into the local economy over the next three to five years. She believes that when the community comes together, they can beat the goal.

In the last year alone, she has accomplished a long list of achievements.

Vedullapalli launched, helping small businesses to understand the digital state of their business and help them improve it, which has already saved more than 150 businesses up to $400 per month.

She has created a partnership with South East Effective Development, a Seattle-based non-profit designed to improve the quality of life and economic development in Southeast Seattle with a special focus on residents with fewer opportunities and resources. Together they rolled out five digital clinics with more than 200 small business owners attending and launched

In addition to, Vedullapalli completed the pilot with Tacoma to test More than 90 businesses that signed up were discovered and the marketplace ( lead to transactions from four countries, 12 US states and 15 Washington cities with Tacoma businesses.

Vedullapalli also worked with the United Nations and the computer company Dell to secure signatures from local small businesses to support #entrepreneursunite, or Goal 8, a global initiative that focuses on helping small businesses create the next billion jobs in the next ten years. 

Outside of all of this and her daily work, Vedullapalli still finds time to coach youth, represents the Sammamish YMCA and supports the Creative Children for Charity initiative, which brings together youth to solve problems through 3D printing technology and empowering youth to lead every day.

“National Small Business Week is a time to recognize the impact small businesses has on our country,” said Regional Administrator Calvin Goings. “It’s a chance to celebrate the dedicated, hard-working small business owners who are making a difference in their communities.”

Each year since 1963, the President has issued a proclamation calling for the celebration of National Small Business Week. SBA recognizes outstanding small business owners for their personal successes and contributions to our nation.