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Plan Your Small Business Success This Fall with the SBA

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Tuesday, September 19, 2017
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By Lola Kress, SBA Region IV Communications Director

It isn’t too soon to start preparing your small business for the holiday season. First things first: prioritize your small business goals.

As an entrepreneur, you manage many goals simultaneously. This can lead to unaccomplished goals and frustration. Instead, prioritize your goals and establish a plan to reach one at a time on a realistic timetable. The time to start is now.

Establish Your Business Goals

  • Brainstorm: What is on your mind for your own small business? What are your priorities? What do you need to accomplish that you keep putting aside? Now is the time to set goals.
  • Focus on the Now: When setting your goals, focus on the present. What is important for the success of your small business today? Do you want to market your products or services globally and consider exporting? Do you want to enter the government contracting arena? 

Create a Plan

  • Narrow Your Priorities: Once you have established your goals, place them in order of YOUR priorities.
  • Incorporate the SBA in to your Plan: The SBA has high-quality, professional resources to assist you through your business growth and development. Be sure to utilize the no cost resources at, contact your SBA district office or attend a workshop.

Review SBA’s calendar of events at Most SBA district offices feature a workshop that provides an overview of all of SBA’s programs and services, and SBA offers you the tools to succeed.

  • Reality Check: Create a realistic plan. Set goals that are attainable but also challenging. Establish a deadline for yourself and create milestones. If you want to accomplish something by the holidays, now is the perfect time to create, start, and accomplish those goals. 

For assistance, contact one of SBA’s resource partners at no cost to help you.  You may reach out to SCORE  or meet with a counselor at a Small Business Development Center or one of the Women’s Business Centers to help you develop your plan. The plan can be as detailed as you need, and SBA resource partners are experts and helping you develop your plan. 

Execute Your Plan

  • Now put your plan into action. One of the most common challenges entrepreneurs face is too little time. But you can control your time by prioritizing and focusing on your goals.

Don’t wait until New Year’s Day to hit your refresh button. You can accomplish your goals for the holidays by developing and executing a plan to attain those goals. SBA can help.