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SBA and National Association of Women Business Owners California Sign Strategic Alliance Memorandum

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California’s women owned businesses will benefit from closer working relationship between organizations sharing common mission

Santa Ana, CA – The U.S. Small Business Administration and the National Association of Women Business Owners California (NAWBO-CA) have executed a Strategic Alliance Memorandum detailing how the two parties will work more closely together in order to serve the needs of women business owners in California.  The agreement, which was signed May 7th at NAWBO-OC’s May Dinner Meeting by SBA’s Deputy Director for the Santa Ana District, Rachel Baranick, and Ursula Mentjes, recognizes that SBA and NAWBO share a common mission in helping start, maintain, and expand small businesses.  The strategic alliance between SBA and NAWBO-CA includes all 9 chapters in California, serving the major metro areas of Inland Empire, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Orange County, Silicon Valley, Sacramento, Ventura County and Santa Barbara County.  NAWBO-OC is the country’s largest chapter. 

As a strategic partner, SBA will provide NAWBO-CA with current information about SBA’s program and services, including SBA’s Resource Partners, advise NAWBO of events that may impact its mission, provide speakers consistent with SBA policy to participate in NAWBO’s activities, and assign a local point of contact to serve as liaison between SBA and NAWBO-CA.  NAWBO will cooperate with SBA’s resource partners to provide information about small business development, provide speakers for SBA-sponsored events when appropriate, inform NAWBO-CA membership of SBA programs and services, and also assign a local point of contact to serve as liaison between NAWBO-CA and SBA.

According to Rachel Baranick, “Forty years ago, women owned just 5 percent of all small businesses.  Today women own 30 percent of small businesses and generate $1.2 trillion in sales.  Our goal at SBA is to make sure that more women can start businesses and once they do that they have the access and opportunity they need to succeed.”

For more information about SBA’s programs for women-owned businesses, please visit or contact Sylvia Gutierrez at (714) 560-7454.