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SBA New Hampshire District Office Seeks Nominations for Small Business Week 2022

Release Date: 
Tuesday, November 23, 2021
Release Number: 
NH 22-7
Cheryl A. Croto

Concord, NH - The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) NH District Office is proud to announce that the SBA’s NH District Office is ready to accept nominations for its 2022 National and NH Small Business Week Awards, including the annual Small Business Person of the Year award.

The SBA Awards given in celebration of National and District Small Business Week include the following awards:

Small Business Person of the Year Award: Nominees must bear principal responsibility for operating a small business for a minimum of three years prior to being nominated and demonstrate success in business as well as contributions to their local communities.

Small Business Exporter of the Year: SBA’s Small Business Exporter of the Year recognizes individuals for their success and dedication to exporting products or services. Nominees will be evaluated on:

  • Increased sales, profits and/or growth of employment because of exporting
  • Creative overseas marketing strategies, exporting history, and current export markets
  • Effective solutions to export-related problems, including trade financing, payment, and currency issues, market-entry and logistical challenges, cultural differences, etc.
  • Effective use of Federal and/or State government trade promotion or financing programs.

New Hampshire District Office Awards:

Jeffrey Butland Family-Owned Small Business of the Year:  Any small business that is family-owned and operated, with a 15-year track record that has been passed on from at least one generation to another. 

Minority Small Business Owner:  Any individual who qualifies as a minority and who owns at least 51% and operates a small business may be nominated.

Veteran Small Business Owner:  Any individual(s) who owns at least 51% and operates a small business and is a veteran of the U.S. armed forces may be nominated. 

Woman Small Business Owner:  Any woman/women who owns at least 51% and operates a small business may be nominated.

Microenterprise:  Any individual(s) who founded, owns, and operates a business with 5 or fewer employees (including the owner). 

Young Entrepreneur: Any individual(s), under the age of 30 by June 1st 2022, who owns at least 51% and operates a small business may be nominated.

Small Business Manufacturer: Any small business manufacturer may be nominated. Highlighting demonstrated creativity and/or commitment to a social mission, buying local, etc.

Homebased Business Owner: Any small business operated out of a home office location may be nominated.

Financial Services Champion: Any Individual who assists small businesses through advocacy to increase usefulness and availability of accounting or financial services. Nominee must respond to the following criteria and submit an SBA Form 3300. Criteria includes the amount and quality of assistance given small businesses in obtaining financing outside of regular business duties; advocacy of changes in the financial services industry to assist small firms; encouragement of the flow of investment capital to small ventures; active support for legislative or regulatory action designed to help small firms; and other significant contributions made by the nominee through financial services or accounting industry to advance small business interests.

All nominations must be received by the NH District office by electronic submission ONLY to the district office BOX account no later 3:00 p.m. on January 11, 2022

To obtain information please contact Cheryl Croto- or call 603-892-8901