Top 10 Reasons to be Sweet on Minnesota’s Small Businesses

SBA Encourages Shopping and Dining Small this Valentine’s Day
Release Date: 
Wednesday, February 7, 2018
Release Number: 
Sarah Swenty,, 612-370-2316

Minneapolis – Small businesses are the heart of Minnesota’s economy. This Valentine’s Day, the U.S. Small Business Administration’s Minnesota District is sending this valentine with its top 10 reasons to love small businesses.

Whether you are sharing the day with another or spending it honoring yourself, spread the sweetness  by remembering to shop and dine small for unique Valentine’s Day gifts, services and meal reservations. SBA-supported businesses such as the Urban Growler, Kisa Boutique and Avivage Massage could contribute to heart-warming memories.

Small businesses in Minnesota …

  1. Support their Main Streets – The 510,000 small businesses in Minnesota are in nearly every neighborhood in the state.
  2. Provide opportunities – Small businesses make up 99.5 percent of all Minnesota employers.
  3. Create jobs – Two out of every three new jobs created in the U.S. are from small businesses.
  4. Have unique items and services – Many small businesses craft their own products or feature those of other local entrepreneurs, such as artists, farmers and bakers, providing you a gift like no other for yourself or your special someone.
  5. Grow the global economy – 86.9 percent of  Minnesota exporters are small firms.
  6. Change the world – SBA-assisted companies such as 23andMe, Apple, Ben & Jerry’s, Costco, Nike, Intel and Whole Foods all started small and have led the way of new ideas across industries.
  7. Employ nearly half the workforce – Small businesses in Minnesota employed 1.2 million people in the state’s private workforce in 2016.
  8. Support families – Approximately one in five small businesses are family-owned.
  9. Create opportunities for flexible work and lifestyles – Home-based businesses account approximately half of all small businesses.
  10. Inspire us – Small business owners work countless hours, sacrifice their personal time and assets, improve their communities, drive innovation and follow their dreams.

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