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Twist Bakery Named Manufacturer of the Year

Founder Kathryn Ernst started from her kitchen counter with a 5-quart mixer
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Monday, September 21, 2020
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Contact:, 202-853-5792

BOSTON – The Small Business Administration (SBA) has named Twist Bakery and Café Inc. the 2020 Small Business Manufacturer of the Year for Massachusetts.

Owner Kathryn Ernst earned the recognition for expanding her brand to two retail locations in Millis and Burlington. Twist Bakery and Café has been serving handcrafted, gluten-free food since 2011, starting out from Ernst’s kitchen counter with a 5-quart mixer. 

We’re honored to recognize Kathryn Ernst for building such a successful small business from scratch,” said SBA Massachusetts District Director, Robert Nelson. “All of the accolades and awards are well-deserved if you look at what Twist Bakery has accomplished.  The food is made from scratch with care and the customer in mind.  Congratulations!

Twist Bakery uses a proprietary flour blend, the result of a year of research and development at home and finalized with more R & D with a food scientist.  The company searched for three years to find the right contract manufacturer to produce the all-purpose flour as the basis of all their cooking and baking, which prior to that was mixed by hand by Ernst Family members.

Ernst utilized SCORE counseling and training in the early years to develop her business plans.  Since completing the SBA Emerging Leaders program in 2018, Ernst has grown revenue significantly – positioning the entire manufacturing process for success – from purchasing, organizational development, product processing, to delivery.  

I’m so grateful for all of the support we have received over the years from our guests and team members and on the business side, from the SBA.  Without them, our success would not have been possible.” said Founder, Kathryn Ernst.  “We are so proud of where we are now and are excited to see what we are able to achieve next.  The pandemic has cemented our need to be flexible and to continue to innovate ourselves for growth and sustainability.  The SBA has provided us a wonderful support system through their Emerging Leaders program which we have truly valued and has been and will continue to be instrumental in writing this next chapter.

Ernst was nominated by Alison Berglund, Instructor for the SBA Emerging Leaders Initiative.

Ernst will be honored virtually at the annual SBA Massachusetts Small Business Week Awards event on Wednesday, September 23rd, 2020.






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