Processing a Privacy Act Request

When our office receives a Privacy Act request, we will provide the requester with a written acknowledgment of receipt of their request. The letter will indicate the name and telephone number of the SBA office where their request is being referred and whom they should contact if there are questions regarding the processing and/or status of the request. An SBA program or field office that receives a request directly will process it if it determines that it is the correct office. If the receiving office determines that it is not the best office to process the request, the requester will be notified as to which SBA office(s) will respond to their request.

Processing depends on whether the requester is seeking access to, or requesting correction/ amendment of your records, as follows:

  • Access to Records: The system manager for the Privacy Act system(s) of records identified in the request or who is likely to have the responsive records will search for responsive records. Ordinarily the search will include only those records that are in the possession of the office as of the date that office begins its search for them. The system manager will determine whether access can be granted, prepare the agency response that is sent and provide a copy of any releasable records; and,

  • Corrections or Amendments: The system manager who has control of the record(s) sought for correction or amendment, shall determine whether to authorize or deny the request and prepare the agency response that is sent.