Program Analyst
Brittany Portrait

Location: Washington, DC

Office: Office of Entrepreneurial Development

Position Summary: A program analyst provides high-level analysis and support to program managers and senior leaders. In Brittany’s role in the Office of Entrepreneurial Development, she evaluates the performance and impact of several of SBA’s counseling and training programs and studies various pilot initiatives designed to find best practices in entrepreneurial development. She researches and applies research methods to best answer the questions of how the programs are functioning and delivers findings to senior leadership. 

What inspired you to join SBA? The SBA seemed like a natural transition after graduate school.  I had been working on small business development in various capacities for more than five years and wanted the opportunity to do so at the national level.   

How have the people at SBA influenced you? My colleagues at the SBA have been one of the greatest parts of working here.  Everyone is helpful, open-minded, and committed.  We are a great example of how all different personalities, skill sets, and expertise can come together to form a cohesive unit. These traits have made me work harder to learn new things so that I can continue to be a valuable member of our team.

Have you had the opportunity to develop something new and innovative? A major part of my role requires being new and innovative or evaluating projects.  For program evaluations, the SBA is developing interesting ways to combine data across agencies to measure program impact in a more rigorous and efficient way.  The SBA’s entrepreneurial development programs are the first programs in the federal government to do that, and it’s very exciting.

How have you helped a small business start or grow? It’s easy to think that because I don’t work directly with small businesses that I haven’t helped one start or grow.  However, my work supports more or better access to SBA programs for millions of entrepreneurs through modifications to programs or demonstrating impact to ensure continued funding.