General Attorney
Casey - General Attorney

Location: Boston, MA

Office: Massachusetts District Office

Position Summary: As a general attorney, work can focus in several areas, including financial law, real estate, administrative law, ethics and commercial litigation (including bankruptcy). A general attorney provides legal advice to the district office on all aspects of SBA's programs and on administrative and employee relations matters.  
What inspired you to join SBA? I was inspired by the mission of the Agency. Prior to joining the SBA, I worked for a small business and with many other small businesses. I understand their unique needs and how they truly drive our economy. I was excited to join an Agency where we work together to help the economy by helping small businesses on an individual level. 
Why did you choose to work for SBA? While I was inspired by the Agency’s mission, I chose to work for the SBA because of its people. Before I walked in the door of my interview at SBA, I had serious doubts about leaving my job with a small law firm. Those doubts immediately faded when I met my colleagues. They were dedicated, intelligent, and personable. I immediately knew that a career with SBA would not only be intellectually stimulating but also fun. Many employees at SBA stay for their entire career and I truly see why. 

What excites you most about your career with SBA? I am most excited by the variety of work. The SBA is such a unique agency in that it offers access to capital, contracts, counseling, advocacy and disaster assistance. My role as attorney touches on all of those areas which makes each day a new challenge. Also, given that SBA is a small agency, there are opportunities to participate in projects with other SBA offices. It is great to know that if I see something exciting going on somewhere at SBA, I have the opportunity to be involved. 
How have you helped a small business start or grow? Part of my role as an attorney in the Massachusetts District Office involves the review of closing packages for SBA’s 504 loan program. The 504 loan program is one of my favorite programs because it helps small businesses by providing long-term, fixed rate financing for major fixed assets. With an SBA 504 loan, a small business is investing in its future by putting monthly payments towards an asset. Through my participation in these loan closings, I have helped twenty-seven small businesses grow. I can't wait to help some more!