Director of Performance Management
Jason Portrait

Location: Washington, DC

Office: Office of the Chief Financial Officer

Position Summary:  The Director of Performance Management oversees a professional staff of performance analysts who lead the development of Agency planning and performance management products and processes for the agency. The Director ensures that the Government Performance Results Act and Modernization Act are being successfully implemented and helps build an Agency culture of performance.

How did you come to SBA? Before coming to the SBA, I worked at the US EPA for six years after receiving my Masters of Science degree in Public Policy and Management. I studied performance management and love learning about new programs and policies every day. I decided to stretch my skill set by joining the SBA and learning about its many programs to help small business owners and entrepreneurs. I have many small business owners in my family and thought it would be a great way to continue public service. 

Tell us more about your Program Office. The SBA’s Office of Performance Management is located under the Office of the Chief Financial Officer. It supports implementation of performance management capacity within the Agency. The office leads the development of SBA’s Strategic Plan, Annual Performance Plan and Report, quarterly deep dives and strategic reviews with senior leadership. The organization ensures that programs have performance metrics to support an assessment of progress and communicates these results to its stakeholders.

What would you tell people who want to become a Director? Being a Director requires the ability to develop strong partnerships within and outside the Agency. Being diligent and having the ability to lead an organization requires insights for seeing the fine details and the big picture, which requires both resiliency and flexibility. Given the ever-changing nature of programs and policies impacting the Agency, a Director needs to hone a skill set that can guide a staff and nimbly implement a long-term vision. 

Tell us something you have learned from your peers at SBA. I have enjoyed my time working at the SBA due to its smaller size. Unlike many larger agencies, more partnerships are successfully cultivated in the hallways and over lunch. Lasting relationships greatly impact an ability to move the Agency forward to ensure its success. That means that many individuals within the Agency are willing to be a part of the team that solves a challenge.