Regional Communications Director
Lola Portrait

Location: Atlanta, GA

Office: Office of Field Operations

Position Summary: A regional communications director is responsible for brand and marketing, social media, and communications strategies and initiatives. As the Region 4 Regional Communications Director, I support efforts across eight states in the Southeast by assisting nine Public Information Officers in each SBA district office in their communications strategies; assuring the Agency’s message is consistent and placed prominently in the public eye. The director also oversees the research, speech writing and media engagement for the SBA’s Regional Administrator. 

What has led you to choose each of your roles at SBA? Since I began my career with the SBA in 1997, I have chosen my path and positions based on what truly meant a lot to me personally as well as professionally.  I have always held public affairs roles, and I have the opportunity, every single day, to not only assist entrepreneurs in succeeding, but I am responsible for assuring the public is aware of their success.  I have been able to showcase these success stories to communities across all platforms of media.  I have assisted and spent time with small business owners, and there is nothing more gratifying.

How have you grown professionally at SBA? I joined the SBA in 1997 through a graduate school program while I was attending the University of Colorado’s School of Public Affairs to receive a Masters of Public Administration.  I never imagined I would have the opportunities to grow like I have experienced at SBA.  I started as a student trainee, and the Agency has assisted in developing my skills through peer to peer networking and leadership opportunities.  I have graduated from several leadership programs; each driving me to grow within the federal government.  I now have my heart set on the Senior Executive Service (SES) track, which inspires me to grow individually and professionally every day. 

How have you helped a small business start or grow? Every single day, I make an effort to help an entrepreneur.  The look of hope in the eyes of a small business owner when they learn the tools that the SBA has to offer them is honestly one of the most inspiring experiences.  Whether I am at work or on my personal time dining out or shopping, there is always an opportunity to help an entrepreneur.  I also have the ability to help small business owners grow by highlighting them in the public eye.  Through these relationships, I am able to strategically assist entrepreneurs.  There is nothing better than assisting an entrepreneur- no matter what form the assistance comes in.