Quality Control Specialist
Teresa Portrait

Location: Fresno, CA

Office: Office of Capital Access

Position Summary: A Quality Control Specialist reviews actions at the Commercial Loan Servicing Center for 7a loans, loan servicing, 504 Liquidations, and charge offs at the Center for Quality Control.  I work directly with the managers on process improvements, and complete monthly reports that are reviewed by the Office of Capital Access in Washington, D.C.  I review processes for the loan processing Commercial Loan Servicing Center and make recommendations as necessary for the improvement and quality of the SBA programs.

How did you come to SBA? I came to the SBA at the peak of the recession in 2011 as a contractor loan specialist in the 504 loan program. The work in the 504 loan program has been rewarding and did not only become a job but a career.  The SBA has offered me the opportunity to work with small business in the liquidation department by offering work outs, completing short sales, and helping the small business owner come to a resolution.  Liquidation is not easy but I feel that I am able to help many small businesses move forward in their ventures.  

Tell us something you have learned from your peers at SBA.  When I started with the SBA I just wanted to be a permanent Federal Employee and do my job.  After three years of Federal Service I was given the opportunity to further my career by becoming a Quality Control Specialist, and I truly felt that my hard work was recognized.  I feel that the SBA has given me the opportunity to grow as a finance professional, and I look forward to my new venture and many other years.