Program Manager (Accountability)
Valencia Portrait

Location: Washington, DC

Office: Office of the Chief Operating Officer

Position Summary: I evaluate the Agency’s human capital programs to ensure they are operating in an efficient and effective manner. I review human resource transactions and procedures to ensure compliance with Federal regulations and Agency policies, and I identify best practices for program improvements. 

What inspired you to join SBA? I joined the SBA in June 2008 to work as a Senior Policy Analyst in the Office of Human Resources Solutions (OHRS).  I was excited to join an organization with a mission that focused on developing and strengthening the economic growth of small businesses.  The mission of the Agency matched my training and education in business administration.  I was excited about embarking on a career at an Agency that impacts all of America’s small businesses.

What am I most proud of accomplishing at the SBA? I am most proud of my leadership in establishing the Agency’s Human Capital Accountability program.  This program required the development of standard operating procedures for the Agency’s Human Capital Accountability process. It required that a program be able to conduct audits, identify program deficiencies, and recommend program improvements.  As an Accountability Specialist, I ensure our human resource programs are effective, efficient, and compliant with regulatory and Agency requirements.  This step is achieved through qualitative and quantitative program evaluations to assess compliance with Federal regulations and agency policies and procedures.
How have you grown professionally at SBA? As I reflect on my various roles at the SBA, a recurring theme of professional development has influenced my decisions to pursue career changes and developmental opportunities.  I have been fortunate to work with dedicated and talented professionals in OHRS and throughout the Agency which has greatly inspired me to continue my pursuit of excellence and contribute to SBA’s mission.