Delorice Price Ford

Assistant Administrator

Delorice Price Ford was appointed Assistant Administrator for the Office of Hearings and Appeals in 2002. She ensures fair and prompt adjudication of agency appeals in several jurisdictional areas. She is the SBA’s Chief FOIA Officer, maintaining responsibility for strengthening and improving the agency's Freedom of Information and Privacy Acts programs.

Prior to her appointment to Hearing & Appeals, Ford held a number of leadership positions within the agency, including Assistant Administrator for 8(a) Program Development, Assistant Administrator for Procurement Assistance, Associate Administrator for the Office of Business Development, Senior Adviser to the Associate Administrator for the Office of Government Contracting and Business Development, and Acting Assistant Administrator for the Office of Equal Employment Opportunity and Civil Rights Compliance. She effectively managed several national programs that offered marketing, entrepreneurial development, technical support, and contract assistance to help small businesses achieve their fullest potential. She was instrumental in developing innovative contracting vehicles that significantly increased small-business procurement opportunities. Throughout her career, Ford has distinguished herself as a leader with drive and selfless commitment to public service.

Prior to joining the SBA, Ford had an extensive career in aerospace engineering, business development, information technology, and federal and commercial contracting. She combined her legal and business expertise to help expand several companies involved in a variety of cutting-edge technologies. She was a highly recruited and well respected professional in the corporate arena prior to moving into government service.

Ford holds a J.D. from the University of Maryland and a bachelor’s degree from Earlham College.