Joshua Vigil

Deputy District Director
Joshua Vigil

Joshua Vigil was named the deputy district director for the Colorado District Office in January 2017. As the Deputy Director, he serves as the full assistant to the District Director and shares in and assists the District Director in all phases of the district’s operating programs. He is responsible for the internal operations of the office, working collaboratively with the Colorado District Office team in working within the offices strategic plan.

He joined the SBA in October 2004 as a Human Resources Specialist with the Office of Human Resources Solutions – Denver. As an HR Specialist, he performed functions such as payroll processing, staffing, classification, and spent the last 8 ½ years as an Employee and Labor Relations Specialist.

Mr. Vigil began his career with the Federal Bureau of Prisons as an HR Specialist in January 2003. Prior to his civil service career, Josh was on active duty Paralegal with the United States Air Force. He separated active duty in January 2003 and in 2004 entered the Air Force Reserves. In 2010, Mr. Vigil received his commission and has served as the Equal Opportunity Director for the Colorado Air National Guard’s Equal Opportunity Office. He currently holds the rank of Captain and has over 19 hears of total military service.

He serves as a mediator for the Colorado Federal Executive Board.

Mr. Vigil earned his Bachelor of Science degree in business management from the Park University and his Master of Science in Human Resource Management from Troy University.

The Colorado District Office serves the entire state, a vast geographic territory of more than 104,100 square miles which includes 64 counties. Joshua Vigil can be reached at or 303-844-2159.