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SupplierPay Initiative

SupplierPay is a new partnership with the private sector to strengthen small businesses by increasing their working capital, so they can grow their businesses and hire more workers.

Launched on July 11th, 2014 by President Obama, Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett, National Economic Council Director Jeff Zients, and Small Business Administrator Maria Contreras-Sweet,  26 companies have already signed the SupplierPay Pledge to pay small suppliers faster or help them get access to lower cost capital.

SupplierPay builds on the success of the Federal Government’s QuickPay initiative, which President Obama launched in 2011. QuickPay requires federal agencies to expedite payments to small business contractors with the goal of paying within 15 days. As a result of QuickPay, we have already seen well over $1 billion in cost savings for small businesses since 2011, leading to greater investment and job creation. SupplierPay is the private sector’s equivalent.

Read the full SupplierPay fact sheet and press release on whitehouse.gov.

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    Participating Companies

    These companies have signed on to SupplierPay

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    SupplierPay Case Studies

    Read about these companies' commitment to SupplierPay

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    QuickPay Background

    The QuickPay initiative strengthened small contractors working with Federal Government, cutting in half the time it takes to get paid and freeing up capital to invest and hire new workers.

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    SupplierPay Pledge

    Is your company ready to sign the pledge? Read the full pledge and see contact information to make the commitment.