Archived Economic Research Working Papers

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Preliminary analysis, research and working papers on small business economic topics.

  • December 2008 – Offshoring and Small U.S. Manufacturers , submitted by Stratedge, Inc.

  • October 2008 – Baccalaureate Education and the Employment Decision: Self-Employment and the Class of 1993 , submitted by Chad Moutray

  • October 2008 – Looking Ahead: Opportunities and Challenges for Entrepreneurship and Small Business Owners , submitted by Chad Moutray

  • September 2008 – The Importance of Angel Investing in Financing the Growth of Entrepreneurial Ventures a working paper submitted by Scott Shane

  • August 2008 – Do Business Definition Decisions Distort Small Business Research Results? an Office of Advocacy Working Paper by Brian Headd and Radwan Saade

  • June 2008 – Entrepreneurship and the Barrier to Exit: How Does an Entrepreneur-Friendly Bankruptcy Law Affect Entrepreneurship Development at a Societal Level? submitted by Seung-Hyun Lee, Yasuhiro Yamakawa, and Mike W. Peng of the University of Texas at Dallas, Inc.

  • February 2008 – Rural and Urban Establishment Births and Deaths Using the U.S. Census Bureau’s Business Information Tracking Series , an Office of Advocacy Working Paper by Lawrence A. Plummer, Clemson University, and Brian Headd

  • January 2008 – Uncovering Knowledge Structures of Venture Capital Investment Decision Making a working paper submitted by Pankaj Patel and Rodney D’Souza, University of Louisville

  • December 2007 – Educational Attainment and Other Characteristics of the Self-Employed: An Examination using Data from the Panel Study of Income Dynamics a working paper by Chad Moutray, U.S. Small Business Administration

  • October 2007 – Small Business Growth: Searching for Stylized Facts a working paper by Brian Headd, U.S. Small Business Administration, Office of Advocacy and Bruce Kirchhoff, New Jersey Institute of Technology

  • September 2007 – Are Male and Female Entrepreneurs Really That Different? a working paper by Erin Kepler and Scott Shane

  • June 2007 – A Two-step Analysis of Standardized Versus Relationship Bank Lending to Small Firms submitted by Polly Hardee, Ph.D

  • June 2007 – A Real Options Model of Stepwise Entry into Self-Employment submitted by Karl J. Wennberg, Timothy Folta, and Frederic Delmar

  • April 2007– Minorities in Business: A Demographic Review of Minority Business Ownership

  • February 2007 – Friends or Foes: The Spatial Dynamic Between Established Firms and Entrants submitted by Lawrence Plummer

  • January 2007 – Getting the Most Bang for the Buck: An Analysis of States’ Relative Efficiencies in Promoting the Birth of Small Firms submitted by Whitney Peake and Maria Marshall, Purdue University

  • December 2006 – Volatility and Asymmetry of Small Firm Growth Rates Over Increasing Time Frames , submitted by Rich Perline, Robert Axtell, and Daniel Teitelbaum

  • September 2006 – The Government’s Role in Aiding Small Business Federal Subcontracting Programs in the United States -a working paper by Major Clark III, Chad Moutray, and Radwan Saade

  • June 2006 – Banking and SME Financing in the United States , submitted by Charles Ou

  • December 2005 – Research Study , Agency Costs and Ownership Structure: Evidence From the Small Business Finance Survey Data Base , submitted by Jacky Yuk-Chow So, Texas A&M International University

  • December 2005 – Minority Entrepreneurship, submitted by Robert W Fairlie, with a review by Ying Lowrey

  • September 2005 – Working Paper , U.S. Sole Proprietorships: A Gender Comparison, 1985-2000, submitted by Ying Lowery

  • September 2005 – Preliminarily information on women and minorities in business, conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau,

  • June 2005 – Working Paper , Business Estimates from the Office of Advocacy: A Discussion of Methodology, submitted by Brian Headd

  • May 2005 – Research Study, Availability of Financing to Small Firms Using the Survey of Small Business Finances, submitted by Karlyn Mitchell and Douglas K. Pearce

  • March 2005 – Working paper , Banking Consolidation and Small Business Lending: A Review of Recent Research, submitted by Charles Ou.

  • January 2005 – Working paper , Entrepreneurial Risk and Market Entry, submitted by Brian Wu and Anne Marie Knott from the United States Association for Small Business Entrepreneurship (USASBE) best paper awards

  • January 2005 – Working Paper , Firm Size Dynamics of Industries: Stochastic Growth Processes, Large Fluctuations, and the Population of Firms as a Complex System, submitted by Daniel Teitelbaum and Robert Axtell, NuTech Solutions, Inc

  • January 2005 – Research Study, Dynamics of Minority-Owned Employer Establishments

  • December 2004 – Working Paper ,The Future of Small Businesses in the U.S. Federal Government Marketplace submitted by Major Clark, and Chad Moutray

  • December 2004 – Research Study, Self-Employed Business Ownership Rates in the United States: 1979-2003, submitted by Robert W. Fairlie

  • February 2004 – Working Paper , Statistical Databases for Economic Research on the Financing of Small Firms in the United States, submitted by Charles Ou. (This has been published in the December 2005 issue of The Journal of Entrepreneurial Finance and Business Ventures)

  • January 2004 – Working Paper ,Why do Small Firms Choose Quasi-Integration? The Case of the Homebuilding Industry submitted by James Dewald, Jeremy Hall, and James J. Chrisman from the USASBE best paper awards

  • January 2003 – Working Paper , Uses of Equity Capital by Small Firms—Findings from the Surveys of Small Business Finances (1993 & 1998) submitted by Charles Ou

  • January 2003 – Working Paper , A Longitudinal Analysis of Industry, Enterprise and Behavioral Predictors of SME Inter-firm cooperation, submitted by Robert Hartl from USASBE best paper awards

  • January 2003 – Working Paper , The Entrepreneur and Entrepreneurship: A Neoclassical Approach, submitted by Ying Lowrey

  • November 2002 – Working Paper , Rules Versus Discretion in Tax Policy, submitted by Radwan Saade

  • November 2002 – Working Paper , A Profile of Owners and Investors of Privately Held Businesses in the United States, 1989-1998 submitted by Charles Ou and George Haynes

  • January 2002 – Research Study, An Investigation of Venture Capital in Women-and Minority-led Firms, submitted by Dr. Candida G. Brush; Dr. Nancy Carter; Elizabeth Gatewood; Dr. Patricia G. Greene; and Myra M. Hart

  • November 2001 – Research Report, Minorities in Business

  • March 2000 – Research Study, Analyses of Business Dissolution by Demographic Category of Business Ownership, submitted by Dr. Richard J. Boden, Jr.

  • September 2000 – Research Study, Analysis of Hispanic-Owned Companies, submitted by Cognetics

  • November 1999 – Research Report, Minorities in Business

  • May 1999 – Research Study, Women and Minorities in Franchising and Financing Practices, submitted by Women in Franchising Inc.

  • January 1993 – Research Study, Equity Capital Access by Small and Minority Business Enterprises, submitted by Applied Economics Group, Inc.

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