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Archived Exporting Economic Research

To view the archived content listed below, please visit our archive site. To request a copy of the archived documents listed below, please contact the Office of Advocacy via email at advocacy@sba.gov.

  • August 2008 – Do Business Definition Decisions Distort Small Business Research Results? an Office of Advocacy Working Paper by Brian Headd and Radwan Saade

  • March 2008 – The Impact of International Competition on Small-Firm Exit in U.S. Manufacturing, submitted by Robert Feinberg

  • November 2004 – Costs of Developing a Foreign Market for a Small Business: The Market & Non-Market Barriers to Exporting by Small Firms, submitted by Palmetto Consulting, Inc.

  • March 1998 – Exporting by Small Firms - Reports on the most recent (1992) data available on exporting by firm size

  • 1996 – The Costs of Financing Exports for Small Business, submitted by Mckendrick & Associates

  • May 1992 – State Export Promotion and Small Business, submitted by Charles Cadwell

  • Historical research The Effect of Nontariff Trade Barriers on Corporate Strategy in High-Technology Sectors, submitted by Michael E. Oppenheimer

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