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Archived Owner Demographic Economic Research

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Research on owner demographics, including race, ethnicity, gender, and business structure.

  • November 2008 – Estimating the Contribution of Immigrant Business Owners to the U.S. Economy, submitted by Robert W. Fairlie

  • April 2008 – Human Capital and Women’s Business Ownership, submitted by Darrene Hackler, Ellen Harpel, and Heike Mayer

  • February 2008 – The Tax Debts of Small Business Owners in Bankruptcy, submitted by Rafael Efrat

  • October 2007 – Income and Wealth of Veteran Business Owners, 1989 – 2004, submitted by George W. Haynes

  • September 2007 – Are Male and Female Entrepreneurs Really That Different?, submitted by Erin Kepler and Scott Shane

  • July 2007 – The Effect of Wealth and Race on Start-up Rates, submitted by Maritza Salazar (BCT Partners, LLC)

  • April 2007 – Minorities in Business: A Demographic Review of Minority Business Ownership – is a report on statistical information about minority-owned businesses such as the number of businesses, types of businesses, business turnover, income, industry, procurement, and financing

  • March 2007 – Entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley During the Boom and Bust, submitted by Robert Fairlie

  • August 2006 – Women in Business: A Demographic Review of Women’s Business Ownership, written by Ying Lowrey

  • December 2005 – Minority Entrepreneurship, submitted by Robert W. Fairlie; University of California; Santa Cruz with a review by Ying Lowrey

  • December 2005 – Entrepreneurship and Business Ownership in the Veteran and Service-Disabled Veteran Community, submitted by Waldman Associates

  • October 2005 – (Research Study) State of the Inner City Economies:Small Businesses in the Inner City (Update), submitted by Small Businesses in the Inner City

  • September 2005 – Preliminarily information on women and minorities in business, conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau, are available now on the census 2002 Survey of Business Owners (SBO) website. The explanation of the data can be found at The census’ interactive data is sorted by industrial sectors and sorted by state.The SBO provides data on the number of firms, sales and receipts, employment, and annual payroll for kind of business, by gender, Hispanic or Latino origin, and race

  • September 2005 – Working Paper, U.S. Sole Proprietorships: A Gender Comparison, 1985-2000, submitted by Ying Lowery

  • May 2005 – (Research Study) Availability of Financing to Small Firms Using the Survey of Small Business Finances, submitted by Karlyn Mitchell and Douglas K. Pearce

  • February 2005 – (Research Study) Using Census BITS To Explore Entrepreneurship, Geography, and Economic Growth, submitted by By Zoltan J. Acs and Catherine Armington

  • February 2005 – (Research Study) Dynamics of Minority-Owned Employer Establishments, 1997-2001 – is an analysis of employer data from the Survey of Minority-Owned Business Establishments

  • December 2004 – (Research Study) Evaluating Veteran Business Owner Data, an Advocacy report prepared in collaboration with Jack Faucett Associates, Inc., Eagle Eye Publishers, Inc., Waldman Associates, and REDA International, Inc.

  • December 2004 – (Research Study) Self-Employed Business Ownership Rates in the United States: 1979-2003, submitted by Robert W. Fairlie

  • November 2004 – (Research Study) Entrepreneurship and Business Ownership In the Veteran Population, submitted by Waldman Associates

  • June 2004 – (Research Study) Characteristics of Federal Government Procurement Spending With Veteran-Owned Businesses: FY 2000 – FY 2003 (3Q), submitted by Eagle Eye Publishers, Inc.

  • March 2003 – (Research Study) Dynamics of Women-Operated Sole Proprietorships, 1990-1998, includes major industries, patterns in the number of gross receipts, and net income of women-operated sole proprietorships based on data from the Statistics of Income, Internal Revenue Service. Financing patterns of women-owned businesses, based on the Survey of Small Business Finances of the Federal Reserve Board

  • January 2002 – (Research Study) An Investigation of Venture Capital in Women-and Minority-led Firms, submitted by Candida G. Brush; Nancy Carter; Elizabeth Gatewood; Patricia G. Greene; and Myra M. Hart

  • November 2001 –  (Research Report) Minorities in Business, 2001, is a report on statistical information about minority-owned businesses such as the number of businesses, types of businesses, business turnover, income, industry, procurement, and financing.

  • October 2001 – (Research Study)  Women in Business, 2001, is a report on the ownership, formation, growth, management, financing and other social and economic characteristics of women in business, based upon data complied from federal government sources

  • March 2001 – (Research Study) Rural and Urban Areas by Firm Size, 1990-1995, A report on the changing share of small employer firms with regard to establishments and employment in rural and urban areas by major industry and state prepared by Charles Ou and Robert Berney

  • September 2000 – (Research Study) [PDF file] Analysis of Hispanic-Owned Companies, submitted by Cognetics Research Summary

  • April 2000 – (Research Study) The Characteristics of Small-Business Employees, Article written in the Office of Advocacy and published in the April 2000, Monthly Labor Review showing how the small-business workforce differs from the large-business workforce, submitted by Brian P. Headd

  • November 1999 – (Research Report) Minorities in Business – reports a report on statistical information about minority-owned businesses such as the number of businesses, types of businesses, business turnover, income, industry, procurement, and financing

  • May 1999 – (Research Study)  Women and Minorities in Franchising and Financing Practices, submitted by Women in Franchising Inc.

  • October 1998 – (Research Report)  Women in Business – a report on statistical information about women-owned business

  • January 1998 – (Research Report) Characteristics of Small Business Owners and Employees - Analyzes the demographic characteristics of employees and owners of small businesses. Employee and self-employment data covers the period 1992 to 1996 while the owner data covers 1992

  • 1995 – (Research Study) Business Ownership as an Employment Opportunity for Women, submitted by Steven Lustgarten

  • January 1993 – (Research Study) Equity Capital Access by Small and Minority Business Enterprises, submitted by Applied Economics Group, Inc.

  • November 1986 – (Research Study) Financial Success and Business Ownership Among Vietnam and Other Veterans, submitted by Steven Lustgarten Associates, Inc.

  • 1984 –1986 – Profiling Entrepreneurial Veterans (Vol.III) (Vol.II) (Vol.I) , submitted by Mid-Atlantic Research Inc.

  • May 1985 – ( Research Study) Viable Loan Categories for Veterans , submitted by Joel Popkin & Company

  • March 1985 – (Research Study) Vietnam-Era Veterans and Enterpreneurship , submitted by Jerry F. Booren

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