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Archived Science, Technology and Innovation Economic Research

To view the archived content listed below, please visit our archive site. To request a copy of the archived documents listed below, please contact the Office of Advocacy via email atadvocacy@sba.gov.

  • November 2008 – An Analysis of Small Business Patents by Industry and Firm Size, submitted by Anthony Breitzman and Diana Hicks; Research Summary

  • March 2007 – Entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley During the Boom and Bust submitted by Robert Fairlie; Research Summary

  • January 2007 – Self-Employment in the Veteran and Service-Disabled Veteran Population submitted by Open Blue Solutions; Research Summary

  • December 2006 – Research Study, Identification of the Technology Commercialization Strategies of High-tech Small Firms, submitted by Diana Hicks, Dirk P. Libaers, Alan L. Porter, David J. Schoeneck (Search Technology, Inc.); Research Summary

  • March 2006 – Research Study, Innovation and Small Business Performance: Examining the Relationship Between Technological Innovation and the Within Industry Distributions of Fast Growth Firms, submitted by Peregrine Analytics, LLC.; Research Summary

  • December 2005 – Small Firms: Why Market-Driven Innovation Can't Get Along Without Them, submitted by William Baumol

  • December 2005 – Research Study, Broadband Use by Rural Small Businesses, submitted by Telenomic Research; Research Summary

  • June 2005 – Research Study,Technology and Entrepreneurship: A Cross-Industry Analysis of Access to Computers and Self-Employment, submitted by Robert Fairlie; Research Summary

  • April 2005 – Research Study],The Innovation-Entrepreneurship NEXUS: A National Assessment of Entrepreneurship and Regional Economic Growth and Development, submitted by S. Michael Camp, Advanced Research Technologies, LLC.; Research Summary

  • June 2004 – Research Study], Trends in Electronic Procurement and Electronic Commerce and Their Impact on Small Business , submitted by Innovation and Information Consultants, Inc.; Research Summary

  • March 2004 – Research Study, A Survey of Small Businesses’ Telecommunications Use and Spending, submitted by BJK Associates; Research Summary

  • January 2004 – Research Report, Small Firms and Technology: Acquisitions, Inventor Movement, and Technology Transfer; submitted by CHI Research Inc.; Research Summary

  • June 2003 – Research Report, Self-Employment and Computer Usage; Includes available data and information on the demographics and characteristics of self-employed with computer ownership; Research Bulletin

  • April 2003 – Research Study, Foreign Patenting Behavior of Small and Large Firms: An Update, submitted by Mary Ellen Mogee; Research Summary

  • March 2003 – Research Study, Small Serial Innovators: The Small Firm Contribution To Technical Change, submitted by CHI Research, Inc.; Research Summary

  • October 2002 – Research Study, Influence of R&D Expenditures on New Firm Formation and Economic Growth submitted by BJK Associates; Research Summary

  • October 2002 – Research Study, E-Biz: Strategies for Small Business Success, submitted by Joanne H. Pratt; Research Summary

  • December 2001 – Research Study, E-Commerce's Impact on the Travel Agency Industry, submitted by Heartland Information Research; Research Summary

  • January 2001 – Research Study, Impact of E-commerce on Auto Dealers, submitted by Jack Faucett Associates; Research Summary

  • September 2000 – Research Study, The High-Tech Rural Renaissance? Information Technology, Firm Size and Rural Employment Growth, submitted by Jed Kolko; Research Summary

  • June 2000 – Research Study, Developing High-Technology Communities: San Diego, submitted by Innovation Associates Inc.; Research Summary.

  • June 2000 – Research Report, Small Business Expansions in Electronic Commerce – summarizes the available studies on how small firms are helping shape e-commerce

  • July 1999 – Research Report, E-commerce: Small Businesses Venture Online - summarizes the available studies on e-commerce related to small business

  • April 1999 – Research Study, Measuring Contribution of Small Business (Using Assoc. Directories for Technology Study), submitted by Nestor E. Terleckyj; Research Summary

  • April 1999 – Research Study, Survey of High Technology Firms, submitted by Joseph J. Cordes; Henry R. Herzfeld; and Nicholas S. Vonortans; Research Summary

  • September – 1996 Research Study, Small Firm Innovative Success: External Resources and Barriers, submitted by Maryann Feldman; Research Summary

  • 1996 – Research Study, Foreign Patenting Behavior of Small and Large Firms, submitted by Mary Ellen Mogee and Associates; Research Summary

  • 1996 – Research Study, Technology Transfer to Small Manufacturers: A Literature Review, submitted by Mt Auburn Associates Inc., and Regional Technology Strategies, Inc.; Research Summary

  • 1995 – Research Study, Impact of Electronic Data Interchange on Small Firms (EDI), submitted by Peter Ashton; Research Summary

  • 1992 – Business Intellectual Property Protection by Mary Seyer Koen

  • 1983 – The Capital Crunch: Small High Technology Companies and National Objectives During a Period of Severe Debt and Equity Shortages by Judith H. Obermayer

  • 1980 – Case Studies Examining the Role of Government R&D Contract Funding in the Early History of High Technology Companies by Judith H. Obermayer

  • 1982 – Characterization of Innovations Introduced on the U.S. Market in 1982 by Keith L. Edwards and Theodore Gordon

  • 1990 – Financing of Product Innovations by Small Firms: Case Studies in the Medical Devices Industry by John Rapoport

  • 1992 – Firm Size and External Research Relationships by Albert N. Link and John Rees

  • 1987 – Firm Size and Innovative Activity: A Further Examination by Albert N. Link and Barry Bozeman

  • 1985 – Industry-Supported Microelectronics Research Centers: Cooperation As a Vehicle for Providing Joint Benefits to Firms by Frederick Dana Robinson

  • 1985 – Innovations by Firm Size in Studies of the Bureau of Labor Statistics by Keith L. Edwards and William Wallace

  • 1992 – Manufacturing Innovations and Small Business: How Flexible Manufacturing Systems Affect Tooling and Machining Enterprises by Albert N. Link

  • 1983 – Radical Technology, Organization Size, Structure, and Context in the Innovation Process by Albert H. Rubenstein and John E. Ettlie

  • 1982 – The Relationship Between Industrial Concentration, Firm Size, and Technological Innovation by Earl E. Bomberger

  • 1981 – The Role of Patents in the Commercialization of New Technology for Small Innovative Companies by Judith H. Obermayer

  • 1984 – Social versus Private Returns to the Innovations by Small Firms Compared to Large Firms by Anthony A. Romeo

  • 1993 – A Survey of Innovative Activity by Earl E. Bomberger

  • 1989 – Utilization of New Data for the Assessment of the Level of Innovation in Small American Manufacturing Firms by John A. Hansen

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