Data on Establishments by Firm Size

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Data on Establishments by Firm Size

Catherine Armington, Consultant to SBA

Contract # 7.3112.0188

June 4, 1998

1.0 Introduction and Summary

1.1 Statistics of U.S. Businesses (SUSB) defined

1.2 Current availability of SUSB data

1.3 Business units and their relationship

1.4 Overview of SUSB microdata preparation

1.5 Standard SUSB tables -- static versus dynamic data

2.0 Census’ business register – the Standard Statistical Establishment List (SSEL)

2.1 SSEL sources

2.2 Company Organization Survey (COS)

2.3 Census File Numbers (CFN)

2.4 Employment and payroll

2.5 Industry classification

2.6 Identification of new and closed establishments

2.7 Economic Censuses

3.0 County Business Patterns (CBP) – annual establishment data

3.1 Selection of data from SSEL

3.2 Editing of microdata and aggregate data

3.3 Schedule for CBP processing

4.0 SUSB Tabulation file – establishment data with firm data appended

4.1 Establishment data from CBP

4.2 Supplemental establishment data

4.3 Calculation of enterprise data

4.4 SUSB static descriptive tables

4.5 How SUSB establishment data differ from County Business Patterns

4.6 How SUSB enterprise data differ from Census ‘Enterprise Statistics’

5.0 SUSB longitudinal data – multi-year establishment data with firm data

5.1 Construction of Longitudinal Pointer file for establishments

5.2 Composite files with two years of data for each establishment

5.3 SUSB dynamic change tables

5.4 How dynamic change table populations differ from static tables

5.5 Why dynamic changes differ from comparative statics5.6 Longitudinal Establishment and Enterprise Microdata (LEEM) at Census’ Center for Economic Studies


Appendix Tables and Figures

Figure 1: Data Flow into SUSB Tabulation Files

Figure 2: Data Flow into SUSB Composite Files


7.1 United States: Employer Firms, Employment, Annual Payroll and Estimated Receipts by Firm Size, 1988-1995

7.2 Firms, Employment, Annual Payroll, and Estimated Receipts by Firm Size, SBA Region, and State, 1995

7.3 Firms, Establishments, Employment, Annual Payroll, and Estimated Receipts by Detailed Firm Size, 1995

7.4 Establishment and Employment Changes by Type of Change, 1994-1995

7.5 United States: Establishment and Employment Changes from Births and Deaths, 1994-1995

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