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Region III Advocate – Ngozi Bell

Region III comprises Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia

Ngozi Bell was appointed Regional III Advocate by the Federal Government in November 2010. Regional advocates work with Federal, State and Local Policy makers and Leaders, Small Business Stakeholders and Small  Businesses to help identify new issues and concerns around policy and regulations that affect small business owners, and they work closely with the chief counsel for advocacy.

   Most recently, Bell served as vice president of Birchmere Ventures, an early stage venture capital firm that focuses on investing in and developing startup companies in the medical, cleantech, and technol­ogy sectors. Prior to that Bell was a senior director of technology and marketing at LSI, Agere Systems, and Lucent Technologies. She has also worked extensively on small business technology initiatives in the telecom and wireless sectors. In 2005, Bell cofounded a not-for-profit Nigerian–American organization in Pennsylvania that focuses on edu­cation, cultural exchange, and economic development. She has also operated a small business in the fashion and small transportation sector. Bell received her master’s degree in electrical engineering from Florida A&M/Florida State University and her bachelor’s degree in physics from University of Port Harcourt in Nigeria. 



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ngozi bell picture