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RFA Online Training

The link at the bottom of this page will take you to Advocacy’s online training site for the Regulatory Flexibility Act (RFA), a law with which federal regulatory agencies must comply.

This training is specifically written and designed for use by federal government employees; however, the Office of Advocacy has made it available to the general public as an informational tool. This RFA online training site is strictly for training purposes only and should not be used as grounds for legal action challenging a federal agency. There are many nuances that cannot be conveyed in an online training format. Advocacy staff can help you understand the RFA through an in-person classroom training session, or simply to answer some questions you might have.

For questions regarding the Regulatory Flexibility Act or for more information on RFA training, please call the Office of Advocacy, 202-205-6533.

  • The current password for the site is sbauser

  • You will need to type this password on the next page to enter the training program.

Please note: There is a limited capacity on the training server, so if you get an error message, please try again. If you feel you need assistance, please call the Office of Advocacy, 202-205-6533 or email at advocacy@sba.gov.

*  RFA Compliance Training