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Small Business Review Panel: Medium- and Heavy-Duty Greenhouse Gas Emissions Standard Environmental
Construction and Development Effluent Limitations Guidelines - Proposed Rule Environmental
IRS Issues Final Regulations on Health Insurance Premium Tax Credit Finance, Capital & Taxes
Measuring the Uninsured by Firm and Employment Status (Part II) Wages & Benefits, Business Formation, Healthcare
Letter dated 04/25/97 - Environmental Protection Agency Environmental
The Small Business Advocate – February-March 2014 Banking & Finance, General Small Business, Minorities, Regulation, Women
The Geography of Employment Growth: The Support Networks for Gazelle IPOs Competition, State, Local & Rural, Technology & Innovation, General Small Business, Banking & Finance, Business Formation, Economic Development
Advocacy Announces Seattle Symposium on Small Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship Finance, Capital & Taxes, Franchising, Procurement, State, Local & Rural, Technology & Innovation, General Small Business, Business Formation, Economic Development, Owner Demographics
Estimating the Local Effects of Defense Cuts on Small Business, 1992-1999 Procurement, General Small Business
Frequently Asked Questions about Small Business Business Turnover, Employment & Training, Finance, Capital & Taxes, Minorities, Technology & Innovation, Veterans, Women, General Small Business, Banking & Finance, Business Formation, Owner Demographics, Taxes
The Small Business Advocate - April 2014 Banking & Finance, Business Formation, Business Turnover, Competition, Economic Development, Employment & Training, Finance, Capital & Taxes, Firm Size Data, General Small Business, Minorities, Owner Demographics, Regulation, Taxes, Technology & Innovation, Veterans, Wages & Benefits, Women
IRS Issues Guidance Providing Relief from the Shared Responsibility Payment Finance, Capital & Taxes
Retirement, Recessions and Older Small Business Owners Wages & Benefits, General Small Business
Understanding Small Business Activity at the State-Level Competition, Regulation, State, Local & Rural
Letter dates - 02/13/98 Environmnetal Protection Agency Environmental
5/20/14- Comments on EPA’s Formaldehyde Emissions Standards for Composite Wood Products Environmental
Regulatory Alert: Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services: Medicare and Medicaid Programs; Home Health Prospective Payment System Rate Update for CY 2014, Home Health Quality Reporting Requirements, and Cost Allocation of Home Health Survey Expenses Food, Drug & Health, Regulation
Letter dated - 12/06/2012 Policy and Review Division of NTP Environmental
Small Business Economy 2011 Business Turnover, General Small Business, Banking & Finance, Business Formation, Economic Development, Firm Size Data
Do Business Definition Decisions Distort Small Business Research Results? Franchising
Letter dated 7/26/11 – Food and Drug Administration Food, Drug & Health
Measuring the Benefit of Federal Tax Expenditures Used by Small Business Regulation, General Small Business, Taxes
Venture Capital, Social Capital and the Funding of Women-led Businesses Finance, Capital & Taxes, Minorities, Women, Banking & Finance, Owner Demographics
04/25/2012 - U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Small Business and Committee on Science, Space, and Technology Environmental
Foreign Patenting Behavior in Small and Large Firms Technology & Innovation, General Small Business
Measuring and Modeling the Federal Income Tax Compliance Burden of Small Businesses Taxes
4/2/14- Ex Parte Communication; Revision of the Commission’s Program Access Rules Technology & Innovation, Telecommunications
DHS and DOL Issue Rule on Wage Methodology for H-2B Visa Workers, Effective Immediately Safety & Transportation
Letter dated - 7/09/2012 Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Finance, Capital & Taxes
The Effect of Computer Use on the Earnings of Workers by Firm Size Technology & Innovation, Wages & Benefits