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9 Tips to Boost Your Holiday Sales

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9 Tips to Boost Your Holiday Sales

By Caron_Beesley, Contributor
Published: December 3, 2014 Updated: December 3, 2014

Small Business Saturday has come and gone, and we’re in peak holiday buying season. If you’re looking for ways to boost your holiday sales, here are few tips that can help.

Keep the Small Business Saturday momentum going

Small Business Saturday is still fresh in everyone’s minds, so take advantage and keep the momentum going. SBA guest blogger and CEO of GrowBiz Media, Rieva Lesonsky, recommends five steps that you can take to Make Small Business Saturday Last All Year Long in this article on OPEN Forum.

Focus on promotions that add value

Don’t cannibalize your margins by developing promotions that focus on price. Instead, look for ways to deliver value. Free gift wrapping with a minimum purchase is one example. An invite to exclusive events or previews with every $50 purchase is another.

Team up with other businesses

Show your holiday spirit by teaming with other businesses for a sidewalk event or parade of stores. These events don’t actually require that much planning. Think of ways to entice shoppers to visit each participating store or restaurant. Hand out punch cards and encourage customers to get them stamped at each business for the chance to win a prize.

Hire a Santa and give kids the chance for a photo opp. You don’t even need to hire a photographer – let folks take their own!

Promote trending products

Who doesn’t want the latest and greatest? But what’s popular in your industry? Google Trends and Twitter Trends are a useful way of identifying the most talked about trends and focusing your inventory and marketing where it will get noticed. Even if you don’t sell trending products, look for ways to align social media messaging in particular around hot topics/news/events that are making waves this holiday season.

Let your brand’s personality show

Weave your small business uniqueness and appeal into your holiday promotions, product/service lines, holiday décor and customer service. For example, show your business’ fun side and host a “Bad Holiday Sweater” party. Dress staff in their worst sweaters. Encourage customers to pay a visit and place a vote for the winning sweater! Share images on social media and wait for the event to go viral.

Or focus on your philanthropic gestures to get foot traffic through the door or online – donate a percentage of sales to a local charity for one-day only.

Use visual merchandising to make gift selection easy

Make everyone’s shopping easier and draw attention to popular items by using merchandising and signage to promote certain product lines and promotions. You can also do this online – send out newsletters that promote gift ideas and organize inventory on your website according to buckets. “Gifts for Him” or “Gifts under $X” are especially appreciated by stressed shoppers!

Use countdowns as a motivator

In-store, via email, online, or social media – build a sense of urgency with a holiday countdown. Think “12 Days of Christmas” or the eight days of Hanukkah! Give away prizes or showcase a different promotion every day. If you’re running special promotions, limit their availability and promote the end date across every customer touch point.

If you sell online, use shipping deadlines as a motivator and, if you can, offer upgrades on shipping times to sway undecided shoppers.

Gift cards rule!

Don’t underestimate the power of gift cards! Appeal to last-minute shoppers and benefit from an invaluable source of new revenue. The average gift card user ends up spending an extra 20 percent beyond the value of the card, reports GiftCardGranny.com.

Shine on social media

Use Twitter, Facebook and other social sites to showcase your holiday promotions, pop-up sales, events, new dishes, menus, or inventory. You can also use social media to promote secret promotions that are only available to followers who unlock the offer using a time-limited code on your website on in-store.

Be careful not to make it all about the hard sell. Appeal to the senses using timely rich media like photos, memes and video. Create engagement and make it fun.

For other ideas, check out 33 Creative Ideas for Small Business Holiday Marketing.

About the Author:

Caron Beesley


Caron Beesley is a small business owner, a writer, and marketing communications consultant. Caron works with the SBA.gov team to promote essential government resources that help entrepreneurs and small business owners start-up, grow and succeed. Follow Caron on Twitter: @caronbeesley


I sell beading to all my lovely customers. It is very nice because I can keep in touch with them during holidays.
You know, in my country, the saturday sale day is not a habbit. I want to thank you for this good advices, especially for the newsletter one. If i create a newsletter mail, with good quality images,maybe a good offer and 2-3 gift cards will boost my sales? What's you opinion on that?
yes even i agree with this small business is get more priority on Saturday's timing
Well to kick start this holiday season for good profit, then all marketing tactics needs to be kept to sell the business in more profitable & smart manner.
We are updating some new products to our Christmas, hopefully we'll increase your sales during this Christmas season.
I'm planning enjoy my holidays with my small coffee farm.
I'm planning enjoy my holidays with my small coffee farm. ------------- den led
..donate a percentage of sales to a local charity for one-day only.. That is true indeed. We'll be getting more by giving others. A kind of free products advertising with a minimal cost.
If you are a entrepreneur who owns a website and you make money from advertising, I would suggest joining a affiliate program that offers seasonal gifts such as personalised christmas cards, calenders or those photo books seem to be a big hit as a stocking filler
That's nice. I was planed for black friday and in my opinion its a jackpot for your business marketing.


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