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Build Your Business with a Great Web Presence

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Build Your Business with a Great Web Presence

By bridgetwpollack, Guest Blogger
Published: April 14, 2014

47% of small businesses don’t have a website. Can you believe it? Establishing a web presence is easier than ever these days and there are so many tools out there that will make it quicker and more influential on your bottom line than ever before. Here are 3 resources that will not only convince you that every small business should have a great website, but guide you in exactly how to make that a reality – as painlessly and effectively as possible.

Make Your Website Work for You

Do you have one of the 95% of small business websites that isn’t mobile-optimized? Get ahead of trends, stand out from your competition and make it as easy as possible for customers to connect with your business by providing them with an easy, enjoyable web impression. The new infographic by SCORE, “Making Your Website Work,” shares the real, hard numbers that put the value of mobile-friendly small business websites, online marketing and SEO into perspective. Did you know:

·         97% of consumers look online for local products and services?

·         70% of smartphone owners have connected with a local business after a search?

·         70-80% of searchers ignore paid ads and focus on search results?

The infographic compiles 9 statistics about small business website usage into 3 actionable tips to help you make the most of your business’s web presence.

Optimize Your Site Design

So you’re finally convinced - you have a website, but how can you tell if it’s really adding to your bottom line? And adding the absolute most that it could be? SCORE mentor and entrepreneur Dan Beldowicz presents an online workshop, “Winning with Websites” in which you’ll learn:

  • How website design can make or break your online success
  • Why going mobile is a MUST
  • The truth about mobile apps
  • How & when to hire a web developer

Listen and watch as Dan explains how to optimize your web presence.

Create a Great Customer Call to Action (CTA)

Finally, you’ve got to tell customers exactly what you want them to do next. If it’s unclear or if there are too many competing options, they’ll navigate away from that one important click you really want them to make. Daniel Kehrer, founder of, says, “A strong CTA makes it clear what action the customer is expected to take, and why.” How does that translate for your specific business? He says, “Your approach depends on the action you want to motivate. For example, if the goal is to spur a purchase, and you’ve already communicated benefits, a simple ‘Buy Now!’ might be all you need.”  Daniel explains in further detail and shares 10 tips for creating strong calls to action to help you turn your heard-earned web visitors into revenue.

By now, I hope you are completely convinced that a user-friendly, informative and helpful website is a must for your business and you know how to convert your newfound prospects into loyal customers. The online experience really does reflect the way you would drive sales at your storefront on Main Street: have an easy to find location, create an enjoyable, uncluttered experience and communicate exactly how customers can follow through to your end goal. And to make sure you stay on the right path to your end goal, be sure to get a SCORE mentor to be your sounding board.

About the Author:

Bridget Weston Pollack

Guest Blogger

Bridget Weston Pollack is the Vice President of Marketing and Communications at the SCORE Association. She is responsible for all branding, marketing, PR, and communication efforts. She focuses on implementing marketing plans and strategies to facilitate the growth of SCORE’s mentoring and trainings services. She collaborates with SCORE volunteers and develops SCORE’s online marketing strategy.


I want to thank you for sharing this useful information . Keep posting such useful information . You are doing right job .
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web presence is mainly important for viewers. This will attract the clients lot. So keep in mind while developing the sites.
Our web presence is vital. It's the first point of entry for clients and we want it extremly professional.
Bridget, one question for you -- where is your source regarding this part: "47% of small businesses don’t have a website"? I find that quite a high number especially in today's digital age...
great article..
Hi Bridget, just starting out with my blog so this will definitely will help out. I wasn't thinking about making my site mobile friendly u til now. So I will take this advice to heart. Thanks for the info and looking forward to more articles.
This is a great article. I actually didn't realize that there was a different screen posted on a phone than the one you see when going on a laptop. I have lots of work to do to make my sites "phone" friendly. Thanks again for the information.
I totally agree with you that it is necessary to have a website online including one that is designed for mobile devices as their use has exploded and continues to rise on a daily basis. This is a big thing too since, as you said, searchers ignore paid ads. We've been trained that way as we have learned to use the web. If you don't have the ability to design a great website consider connecting with a local web developer. It could lead to building a beneficial relationship when the both of you help local business and also benefit from possible referrals. A win-win situation.
It is true that business needs a Web Presence even if you don't do business online but offline. However, it is not an easy task to build a great website that is user friendly and has a high conversion rate. It would be better to hire a mentor to guide us to make such a great website. Thanks!


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