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Business Loan Opportunities for Military Veterans in 2014

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Business Loan Opportunities for Military Veterans in 2014

By kmurray, Contributor and Moderator
Published: January 22, 2014 Updated: January 24, 2014

The service of veterans has done a tremendous amount for the United States – on our own soil and around the world. Many continue their contributions to the country by channeling their skills and leadership into entrepreneurial endeavors that help strengthen our economy.

And now through the rest of the fiscal year, SBA’s Express Loan Program will make it easier to get loans in the hands of veterans so they can succeed in their business ventures.

Loan fees

Through the end of September, SBA has set the borrower upfront fee to zero for all veteran loans authorized under the SBA Express program, which supports loans of up to $350,000.

Additionally through the end of the fiscal year, fees on all loans (and not just for veterans) $150,000 and under are set to zero. 

These initiatives make the loans cheaper for the borrower, which is just another way SBA is looking to serve small business owners – and those veterans who have served us – as they look for ways to access capital.

About the Express Loan Program

One great feature of the Express Loan Program is that it has an accelerated turnaround time for SBA review. You’ll receive a response to your application within 36 hours.

With a fast turnaround, streamlined process and easy-to-use line of credit, this program is SBA’s most popular loan delivery method – nearly 60 percent of all 7(a) loans over the past decade being authorized through the program. Since the program began, it has also been one of the most popular delivery methods for getting capital into the hands of veteran borrowers.

Getting started

Interested in exploring loan options to get your business started? Check out these loans that fall under Express Program standards. Our business loan checklist can also help prepare you for the application process, in addition to taking a look at the credit factors lenders will consider when you apply for an SBA-backed loan.

In the transition from military service to customer service, you’ll find great resources from SBA to help you find success. And if you’re looking for funding to get your business off the ground, these loan perks may make it possible to do just that.

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About the Author:

Katie Murray

Contributor and Moderator

I am an author and moderator for the the SBA.gov Community. I'll share useful information for your entrepreneurial endeavors and help point you in the right direction to find other resources for your small business needs. Thanks for joining our online community here at SBA.gov!


Katie, do you have any information about the beginnings of the Patriot Loan program back in 2006 - 2007? I thought their was a group from Annapolis that did some gropund work on the program.
Hello, So I am getting an MBA in Australia and looking to start a business importing products from China. I have a great product just need a loan and possibly some help setting up the company in San Diego. I am a disabled veteran that served six years in the Navy as a Search and Rescue operator. Any help would be nice John
What would be the first step in applying for a SBL
I am a Veterans and I want to start a business as a freight agent/broker. does any one have an idea of where to go within the SBA community to find free training. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Getting nowhere fast! Thanks
I really need help in beginning the process of a loan. I am a 40% service disabled vet, and my credit has had a few scrapes should this stop me? do I have options?
It's great that this program has been extended and it looks like a really good program, but how do I find a bank that participates?
It's great that the Veterans Advantage program was extended in to 2015. I have used this program for my loan clients, and it has saved them thousands of dollars in guaranty fees. I also highly recommend S.C.O.R.E www.score.org to small businesses for free counseling services. They do an awesome job.
How can I find out if an SBA/USDA Ag loan on some commercial buildings I am buying is a good interest rate? I feel like the bank is charging a high interest rate even though it is supposed to help vets? BTW, the interest rate is 6.38% on four medical buildings in a small town in Nevada.
I had the chance of looking into the loan checklist SBA has provided and it has really helped in speeding up the application process. And not just that! It has also enabled me to check on the number of factors linked to credit that lenders would consider important.
This is amazing! Can you provide me with a list of the banks that specialize in this program for the sBA in California. Every bank I call said they are not familiar with VA express


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